Working through challenges or transitions with other individuals who are also facing similar struggles, can be a transformative and supportive experience. 

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact me to learn about available group dates and times, or for more information.



New Mothers Support Group

  • For Moms, and babies up to five months old
  • Meets once weekly for a 6-week session
  • Meet and connect with other new mothers in your area
  • Gain support, reassurance, and answers to your questions
  • Each session will be a facilitated conversation, guided by a curriculum, as well as your questions, stories and experiences

Mindful Motherhood Group

  • 8-week mindfulness group for Moms and babies
  • A group specifically designed for mothers and their babies to reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance the connection with your baby



Girl Talk: High School Empowerment Group for Adolescent Females

  • For high school females looking to connect to peers; have better communication skills; healthy coping techniques; and trusting, safe, connected relationships 
  • 12-week sessions, meeting for an hour and a half once per week
  • Topics included: feeling comfortable with yourself, having a healthy relationship with yourself and others, learning about emotions and self-esteem, mindfulness, and staying healthy in a stressful world

Support Group for Teen Girls: Healing from Trauma and Building Resilience

  • For high-school females who have experienced a past trauma or crisis event, looking for support, and a healing path forward
  • Goals of the group include: reduce self-blame, become less isolated, learn about and maintain healthy coping techniques, gain a community of support, create new healing narratives of strength